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  • October & November Newsletter now online!
    George Morris will be here November 10-14! Call 815-895-8151 now to reserve your spot!Click here to read our Newsletter and see all the great sales coming […]
  • Our Response to the Pandemic
    The Department of Homeland Security has declared Health Food Stores as Essential Businesses. Family Health Center will remain open. We are taking extra precautions in sanitizing […]
  • Consumer Seminar – Considering CBD?
    September 4 from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. *Seats are limited – please call 815-895-8151 today, to reserve your seat! Come win CBD gift baskets & taste free […]
  • Feedback on our Oxygen Therapy at FHC!
    Listen to what one of our mom’s had to say about her son’s experience with our Oxygen Therapy: Our 7 year old son’s actual diagnosis is […]

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  • Stacey
    I have a lot of health issues. I was referred to your shop through a friend. Since coming there for products I have been feeling better and I learn something new every visit. I take liquid B-12 and have seen great results. I love the vitamins, the cleanses, and products for the kids. I really appreciate the information I receive every time I visit. I feel better able to manage health issues in a more natural way. Thank you!
  • Sabrina
    I would like to thank the team at Family Health Center for all the great products and educational seminars available through the Center! I just got the best news after a follow-up bone density test. About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with osteopenia and prescribed Fosamax. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at FHC are always ready to help explore possible natural alternatives, I was referred to the Garden of Life bone growth system. The follow-up test revealed bone growth that put me in the 30 – 40 year range. I was elated to have proof positive that the natural alternative completely reversed my bone loss!
  • Ann
    Thanks to my new friends at Family Health Center Vitamin Store in Sycamore for doing what no doctor could do…..figure out why I’ve been so sick for so long. Day 2 back in the exercise room and feeling good. If you are frustrated with doctors telling you “well, the blood work is normal, you must be ok” then go see Dave, Sue or Linda in Sycamore, they are very knowledgeable!
  • LB
    My husband, who doesn't even seem to sweat much, loves this deodorant mist. I found that it burns a bit after I shave, so I don't use it for underarm odor. I have found a new use for it, however. I've never been one to use a feminine spray since I didn't want all the chemicals that went with them. After I discovered this deodorant mist, I thought, "Why not try it as a feminine spray?" I love it! No chemicals and no burning. Who would have thought? Then I read the print on the bottle. Instead of using Gold Bond Medicated Powder on my feet to curb foot odor, I tried Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist there too. It doesn't dry my feet, and it definitely eliminates odor after my busy feet have been trapped in tennis shoes all day. We certainly put Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist to a variety of uses.
  • Katie
    I initially tried Tate's Natural Miracle Conditioner" for two reasons:  I became sensitive to scented products, and I wanted to switch to all natural beauty products without any chemicals.  I love Tate's Miracle Conditioner because it has a really mild scent that after putting it on I can't smell at all, and it is made with all natural ingredients.  I use it as body lotion (sometimes as hair conditioner), and it's great knowing I am putting on an all natural product instead of chemicals on my skin.  My 3-year old niece also loves it because it doesn't burn her skin like mainstream lotion.
  • Katie
    Now Plant Enzymes are the best enzymes I have taken. I've tried several other brands and with NOW Plant Enzymes, I actually know they are working. My digestion is a lot better and elimination is more frequent with this brand. I take one with every meal.