Did You Know? 

Did you know that Iron Deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency in the world

Signs of low iron include:

• Fatigue and lack of energy

• Pale complexion

• Irregular heart rate

• Sudden, unexplained anxiety

• Hair loss – can look like traditional male – and female – pattern balding

Ferrous Sulfate is
poorly absorbed and frequently causes constipation and bloating.  Sadly, it is
still commonly recommended even though about 50% of people stop taking it because of adverse events. 

Heme Iron (from liver extract) is most bioavailable – up to 33% absorbable.  Lower dosages are effective and is very well tolerated. 

Chelated Iron – is known to raise both hemoglobin and ferritin levels.  Easy absorption without stomach upset. 

Liver Fractions from Europharma / Terry Naturally provides these two premium sources of iron along with B12 and Folate in the active forms for energy and stamina.