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nutrition-revolution600There is no ailment, sickness or disease that will not respond to treatment quicker and more effectively than it will after the administration of a series of colon irrigations— Dr. Norman W. Walker

My personal health journey for 35+ years has stricken me with ailments such as lethargy, pain and inflammation, sinus infections, allergies, and nasal polyps which has lead to a total lack of taste and smell. Seeking remedies throughout the years with a host of medical doctor’s, health specialists, and chiropractors, as well as having multiple nasal polyp removal surgeries, has left me exhausted and lacking any confidence that at age 56, I can/will feel any better. Recently, it was suggested that I give colon hydrotherapy a try. Having read the information regarding the potential health benefits, what did I have to lose?

Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, effective and restorative procedure. The cleansing removes putrefied material, impaction, mucus, and infectious material promoting optimal colon health. During the process, warm filtered water is used to soak and remove waste from the large intestine. The water that is absorbed during the treatment cleanses tissue at the cellular level; removing toxins while enhancing elimination. It’s actually quite fascinating to watch what is expelled through the view tube. For four months, on a weekly basis, I’ve been losing a comfortable amount of toxic waste and I feel better than I have in years. Incredibly, colon hydrotherapy has given me a personal reality check about my body and has inspired me to get back into the driver’s seat regarding my own health.

It gives me great comfort in knowing that Linda DeLap, CNA and licensed Colon Hydrotherapist is so knowledgeable in this field. Throughout this entire personal procedure, Linda remains a consummate professional, answering any questions/concerns I have. Entrusting Linda completely, I’ve given her the “green light” to do whatever it takes to get the “toxic sludge” out and I highly recommend colon hydrotherapy to those that can relate to my personal health issues!

With so much focus nowadays as to what goes into the body—”eat this,” “don’t eat that,” there seems to be very little concern about what comes out. For me, over these many years, the colon has been a neglected part of my body. I’m now convinced that it’s the key to better health and an overall feeling of well-being!

Robin Lenhardt
Elburn, Illinois

“Thanks to my new friends at Family Health Center Vitamin Store in Sycamore for doing what no doctor could do…..figure out why I’ve been so sick for so long. Day 2 back in the exercise room and feeling good. Couple more weeks and I’ll be coming back after you Jillian Michaels! If you are frustrated with doctors telling you “well, the blood work is normal, you must be ok” then go see Dave, Sue or Linda in Sycamore, they are very knowledgable!”

I can not say thank you enough for the time you spent with me and all of the valuable information you have given. I am outside playing with my son without the daily excrutiating headaches I had been experiencing. Since you guided me to the Clear Power and Thyroid Support supplements I have had only 2 headaches in over a month. I know it will take some time for these products to work to their full potential, but what a difference just a few weeks has made in my life! I have told many more friends who were as frustrated as I was with traditional medicine about your store. You have made my life better, and for that I am very grateful!!

Ann Cheladyn
DeKalb, IL

I would like to thank the team at Family Health Center for all the great products and educational seminars available through the Center! I just got the best news after a follow-up bone density test. About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with osteopenia and prescribed Fosamax. I was discouraged because I had read about many negative effects of this drug type including weakened bones and actually hampering the formation of bone!

While making one of my regular visits to the Family Health Center, I mentioned my recent diagnosis. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to help explore possible natural alternatives, I was referred to the Garden of Life bone growth system and because of positive results with other Garden of Life products, I wanted to give this a try.

The follow-up test revealed bone growth that put me in the 30 – 40 year range. I was elated to have proof positive that the natural alternative completely reversed my bone loss! I have shared my results with other female friends with similar diagnoses and they are giving the Family Center and the Garden of Life calcium bone growth system a try.

I have every reason to believe they too will “jump high” for joy in the coming year after confirming their success in preventing, and in some cases reversing osteoporosis!

Family Health Center ROCKS!

Sabrina Hammond

This is one of those products you have to try to believe. If you struggle with a SUGAR addiction or a CARBOHYDRATE addiction like me. I urge you to try L-GLUTAMINE. I was told to try this by my husband for muscle repair. Much to my surprise by the third day cravings for sugar went away. Then I noticed Carbs in general were not so important to me. I lost the 4 lbs I was struggling with. I feel incredible, and the only side effect is weight loss. This has led me to research L-GLUTAMINE and found out everything I am feeling is normal. This is what is supposed to happen.

Thank you Family Health Center for carrying this unique product !!!!

The Taylor Family

“I have a lot of health issues. I was referred to your shop through a friend. Since coming there for products I have been feeling better and I learn something new every visit. I take liquid B-12 and have seen great results. I love the vitamins, the cleanses, and products for the kids. I really appreciate the information I receive every time I visit. I feel better able to manage health issues in a more natural way.”

Thank you. Stacey Moore, Waterman, Illinois

“Good Morning Dr. Hana:

I am sitting at my desk writing to you with a clear nasal passageway and absolutely nothing draining down the back of my throat. Normally, I would have had at least one Benadryl. Thank you!!!

I am slightly irritated with myself for not investigating Nasopure months ago. My sister lives in Marshall and had mentioned your appearance on Pepper and Friends wll over a year ago.

At 59, I really cannot remember a time that I have not been consumed with allergies. Since I had had Psoriasis 49 years, I feel that a compromised immune system may be a contributor to the problem. I have never been willing to take anything that the side effects created more problems than the disease. While I did take allergy shots years ago, I had long ago decided to just deal with the problem.

My husband had a business trip to Columbia a couple of weeks ago and while in the motel I read a wonder article on you in one of those free magazines in the room. I was so impressed with your story and philosophy toward healthcare in general that it became my mission to find Nasopure. We made a couple of stops before we left Columbia but I did not find Nasopure.

When we returned to Springfield I went to your website and found it to be especially informative and easy to use. I noticed that there were three locations in Springfield that carried Nasopure. I purchased it at Spring Valley Health Food Store.

I started using Nasopure last Saturday (3/7/09) and truly cannot believe the wonderful results. Having a clear nasal passage is unbelievable. However, I was constantly feeling a fullness, swelling and itchiness in my ears to …. gone. My nose is not itching all day and I also believe my eyes are less irritated. I have had only one Benadryl in the last six days.

I have been shouting the praises of Nasopure and giving out your website to everyone. Thank you so much for a wonderful product that is easy to use, reasonably priced with unbelievable results.”

Springfield, MO

My VidaCell experience.

“I was injured in 2000 and, after 1 ? years, they found all the damage that had been done in my back and hip joint. I had surgery on my lower back, but I was left with a tremendous amount of nerve damage in my legs and my hip joint. To control that pain, I have needed to take a combination of 4 different drugs. To reduce frequency or miss any component, resulted in tremendous pain until I had that drug combination back up to the necessary level to control it.

During the assessment period, my doctor put me on Vioxx. I was one of those who resulted in a heart condition. Now, in addition to the above meds, I need to take an additional 3 meds to control this condition.

As a result of all these meds, my body was full of toxins; which resulted in even more pain in joints and muscles. I did everything I possibly could to eliminate these toxins; deep tissue massages, apple cider baths. If it was out there, I tried it.

I started using VidaCell and after a few short days, I noticed this pain was not as bad as it had been every morning. Then, being a skeptic, I stopped using VidaCell for a few days. Pain was back. So, I got really serious about it and took it religiously. Same thing, pain was minimized. So, I started using 2 packets a day to see what would happen. The result is, not only is my toxic pain gone completely but the nerve pain has been reduced. I have been able to reduce my pain medication by 25% so far. I expect I will eventually not need it anymore.

Here is what is so incredible During this experimental “2 pack period”, again thinking, this can’t possibly be happening. So, again I was the skeptic and missed VidaCell for only 2 days. My pain came back and now, because I had not had this pain for a few weeks, it was absolutely devastating to me. I realized that I had learned to live with so much pain (the above meds never eliminated; just took the edge off) that it became a part of me and everyday life. So, back on VidaCell I went and will never allow myself to skip it, even for a day.

There are so many benefits I have found with VidaCell. It is truly a great product and I am so thankful it has come into my life. Thanks Team iTech for bringing it to Wisconsin!”

MJ O’Brien
Waupaca, Wi

To Whom It May Concern,

“I want to let you know that you have the greatest product that ever hit the market. I have two blown disk in my neck and one in my lower lumbar. I have been in constant pain for the last 8 years. I have had epidural blocks, steroid injections, and therapy and nothing has worked. I heard about your product from my sister-in-law and even though I was sceptical, I was in so much pain I was willing to try anything. I bought the product on a Friday and I took 1 teaspoon and when I got up Saturday morning I noticed a difference. By the third day I was completely off my medication, and I was taking 8-10, 750 mg, of Vicodin every day and still hurting. I have been on your product for 2 weeks and I am totally pain free. I feel great and I want to thank you for making the product. I hope you never stop it, because I am a customer for life. It is really good to know there is a product out there that works the way it says it does.”


Santevia Enhanced Water System with pH Control
“This has saved us hundreds of dollars. We previously used the big bottles of water … about 8-10 of them a month. I love the Santevia water. I am back drinking my 8 plus cups of water a day.” Michelle I.