Not all Fish Oils are CREATED Equal

Have you noticed that you can find really cheap fish oils at Big Box Stores? But are all fish oils created equal? Clearly the answer is no. 

You should first ask, “What is the Omega-3 content”?  Meaning, what is the EPA, DHA & DPA content of the fish oil soft gel?  A fish oil soft gel and an Omega-3 soft gel may look identical but there are vast differences.  About 30% of a big box fish oil soft gel may be Omega-3 but about 70% of the remaining soft gel is:  saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, toxins, heavy metals and trans fats. Contrast that to a concentrated high-quality omega-3 product, about 95%
of the soft gel is beneficial Omega-3s: EPA, DHA, DPA while about 5% is fat.  It is recommended to get 2,000mg of Omega-3s each day. 

Other items to consider with Omega-3s:  what is the soft gel made of?  Rather than a bovine source, we prefer a fish gelatin soft gel like Vital Omega Gold. Other important items to note about the Vital Omega-Gold:

• Enteric Coating – protection from stomach acid and prevents burp ups
• Dark capsule protects the contents from UV degradation
• Natural Triglyceride form – 2,350mg Omega-3s per serving
• 3rd party certified for purity
• Patent-pending – Lipase Fat Digesting Enzyme added to the formula to ensure assimilation.  Rosemary added to help with circulation and boost cognitive function. 

Omega-3s play an essential role in all the major systems of the body: Cardiovascular, Digestive, Endocrine, Central Nervous, Reproductive, Respiratory, Urinary, Skeletal and Lymphatic.  Omega-3s are “essential” as they are part of the lipid membrane of every cell in the human body.