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February 24, 2017
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August 22, 2017
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All Natural Pet Products & Remedies

We love our dogs!

It is estimated that there are 78 million dogs owned in the United States. As pet owners ourselves, we see a need for natural pet formulas for common issues: fear, loneliness, calming, allergies, dry skin, tick and insect repellent. We’re so pleased to have teamed up with A Naturally Balanced Dog to offer up the following new items:

Shampoo: Cool and Soothing – Lavender & Aloe, calms irritated skin.
Flea and Tick – Non-toxic, no chemicals, no insecticides, no poisons. Safe for pets and family.

Grooming Products:
Yeast Away Ear Cleaner – 100% Organic. Cleans ear wax, removes dirt, clears and controls yeast, and helps to relieve itching and irritation. Leaves ears smelling fresh!

Buzz Scram – Organic essential oil insect repellent. Effective for repelling mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. Safe for puppy’s and humans.

Nourish – 100% organic oils that are rich with vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids. Helps repair skin of irritation, rash, as it moisturizes. Happy

Paws – 100% organic oils that relieve irritation and may reduce licking, promotes healing and aids in the relief of sore and painful paws due to allergies. Emotional and Mental Wellness with Flower Essences:

Aller Ee’s – Alleviates behaviors associated with allergies, scratching, licking and head shaking. Home Alone – Restores courage, bravery, calmness, adds confidence and trust Thunder-Less – Instills bravery and courage as it restores internal peace and calmness.