Feedback on our Oxygen Therapy at FHC!

Listen to what one of our mom’s had to say about her son’s experience with our Oxygen Therapy:

Our 7 year old son’s actual diagnosis is microcephaly, hypotonia, and global developmental delay. Feedback from end of Week 1:

“We can absolutely notice some subtle changes. Firstly, he seriously loves “diving”! This is a huge change from our first few attempts when he was completely terrified. I now have to coax him out of the chamber. He has been calmer and happier (but I would like to note that the weather has finally warmed up and he’s usually a happy camper when he can play outside).

He’s also been trying to talk more. His eyes look clearer, seem to be better focused and aligning better. He has been much more interested in what everyone else is doing rather than being in his own world (wanting to see what his brother is doing or showing us, etc.). He played with his cousin this past weekend and it was ADORABLE. They held hands on the trampoline and sort of played “ring around the rosie”. He has always loved his cousins but I believe this to be a new level of play. He has been sleeping better (more soundly). Although, he tossed and turned like crazy one of the first nights after a full hour “dive”. There are other things I have noticed but I’m really trying not to get ahead of myself. I personally feel more confident than ever that HBOT will greatly improve our lives. My husband, who’s been much more reserved, said “he’s already doing great”. We’ve also been really impressed with his listening skills. We are not sure if his hearing/receptive language is improving or it’s simply his desire to show us what all he understands. I literally believe HBOT is the answer to our prayers and am so optimistic about the future! We will spend hundreds of hours in the chamber if it will improve the quality of the rest of his life!”

Oxygen feeds the body, supports the immune system, destroys toxic substances and promotes new cell growth. Oxygen is our primary source of energy; it is the fuel required by the body for the proper operation of all major systems. Usually we get all the oxygen we need from breathing atmospheric air. Oxygen therapy is intended to make more oxygen available to the body.

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