Merging Old World Traditions with Science

Greek Mountain Tea with Bacopa

“Blue Zones” have gained media attention as researchers strive to learn why areas in the world see lifespans of its inhabitants reaching 100 years old or more.  Many factors contribute to this phenomenon:  fresh air, exercise, rich social lives and healthy diets.  In almost every case, teas make up a significant percentage of the beverages people drink.  Greek Mountain Tea, also known as “Ironwort” or “Shepard’s Tea” is a Mediterranean marvel!  Growing wild at altitudes about 3,200 feet and thriving in poor soil and limited amounts of water, this tea has been widely acclaimed for its vast healing powers.  Modern scientific research confirms Green Mountain Tea can: 

• Combat Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive dysfunction

• Lower blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attack and strokes

• Improve digestive health

• Increase bone density

• Reduce insulin resistance

• Promote weight loss 

• Relieve joint pain

Greek Mountain Tea has also shown remarkable brain-boosting support when paired with Bacopa.  Bacopa improves accuracy and working memory, and helps people perform repetitive tasks while under pressure.  It was also shown to increase beta wave activity in the brain which is associated with memory and focus.  

Americans, as a whole, are not tea drinkers.  Thankfully, Terry Naturally provides it in a convenient supplement form.  Unlike green tea, Green Mountain Tea is not caffeinated.  It does not cause any jitteriness and is also known as an excellent herbal adaptogen, promoting physical stamina and energy.  Greek Mountain tea is safe for teens, adults and elderly.  For a limited time, get your free booklet, “The Mediterranean Anti-Aging Secret.”