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March 6, 2018
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August 2, 2018
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Spring is the time for some personal ‘Spring Cleaning”.

Spring is the time for some personal ‘Spring Cleaning”. One of our favorites is the Environmental Detox from Barlean’s.

Last May, we encountered a number of people who were experiencing the same symptoms:
•  A fatigue that they’ve never experienced before
• Extreme muscle fatigue, requiring effort to lift the arms or legs
• Mentally drained

Thankfully, George Moore was here last May and discovered that all of the people with these symptoms had one thing in common…High Levels of Pesticides in the Body! We live in an agricultural community and we are all exposed to Pesticides, especially during planting season.

The Environmental Detox is a Melon flavored, once daily drink, to help rid the body of Environmental Toxins, Reduce Heavy Metals and Xenoestrogens, Reduce Toxins from Pesticides, Fertilizers and Plastics. We encourage your family to free yourselves from toxic overload!