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January 8, 2013
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January 8, 2013
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Break The Yeast Cycle

yeast-awayCandidiasis is a yeast overgrowth in the body that triggers fatigue, weight gain and a myriad of issues in the body.
Yeast triggers intense cravings. Carbs fuel the yeast enabling it to multiply even further.
Yeast hinders the thyroid. Our immune system does attempt to destroy the abundant yeast but as a result of this battle, inflammatory compounds are produced that suppress thyroid function.
Yeast causes belly bloat. When yeast ferments carbs, it produces toxic waste products. To minimize the damage, the body retains water to dilute it which often results in adding five to seven inches to your waistline.
Yeast produces inflammatory proteins. This inflammation is known to trigger chronic congestion, post-nasal drip and sinusitis.
Yeast weakens the immune system. Weakened immune systems often result in frequent colds and other infections.

Yeast Away™ is designed to eliminate yeast infections from the body. Yeast Away contains cellulase enzymes and probiotics that attack the overgrowth of Candida organisms without any negative side effects. Yeast Away is available in a 12-day or 30-day supply. Additional yeast fighting products may be needed along with a change in diet and lifestyle.