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October 8, 2014
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Glyphosate – A Real Killer

Glyphosate: A Synthetic Compound that is a Non-Selective Systemic Herbicide, particularly effective against perennial weeds.

Monsanto has known for over 35 years that its Glyphosate – Soaked ‘Food ‘causes cancer in
animals and humans.

glyphosate-newsIn 1992, FDA Scientists thought there could be unknown toxins and other dangers in our foods. Their comments were ignored. For the uninitiated, Steven Druker’s Book, “Altered Genes, Twisted Truth”, is a dynamic expose` of the con job forced upon American’s digestive systems. Yet, Monsanto, who ruled the White House in 1992, had already known a decade earlier about Round Up’s carcinogenic ingredient. But this killer Herbicide was Monsanto’s key economic engine, so they hid the facts. But they knew that Glyphosate, Round Up’s main ingredient, caused cancer way before 1992.

Both Monsanto and the EPA knew full well, at least as early as 1981, that Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round Up herbicide, causes cancer in mammals. Unfortunately, this information was buried by Monsanto with the blessing of the EPA. Laboratory testing shows as high as 1,327.1 PPB (Parts per Billion) of Glyphosate weed killer in the following foods: Oatmeal, Soy Creamers, Wheat Bagels, Whole Grain Breads, Wheat Bread, Hash Brown Potatoes, Whole Potatoes, and Coffee Creamers. Even Quaker Oats Co. is being sued over their alarming levels of glyphosate weed killer in their instant oatmeal products.

Why, in this country, are we accepting Poisons in our food? When Countries like the
Netherlands and Sri Lanka have aggressively outlawed these chemicals. FYI, in our Country,
the wheat crops are sprayed with Round Up, three days prior to harvesting. This way, the
remaining plant does not need to be rototilled by Man and machine. The leftover plant just
decomposes back into the ground. As reported by, Glyphosate has
been linked to damaging the endocrine system, triggering birth defects, infertility, and major
damage to the kidneys and other vital organs. Glyphosate also destroys gut microbiota, which
the body needs to process and assimilate nutrients as well as fight off harmful pathogens and
maintain strong immunity.

Even now, not just here in our Country, but the evidence to force feed GMO seed in the African nations, includes that same 1992 guarantee from the USDA, the EPA, and FDA: “They’re just plain Safe”. Gee, so is Plutonium, if you’re not standing anywhere near it.
To learn more, log onto – a new website focused on this cancer-causing
weed killer chemical.